Fat and Beautiful: A Story of Love, Pain and Courage.

The name-calling and hurtful actions from others began the day Linda entered the public school system. Searching to belong, she learned quickly that a snappy comeback was her best defence. Born in 1947, just after the Second World War, into a home of loving parents, eccentric grandparents and a few unconventional relatives, Linda was a precocious, happy child. Regrettably, she was bullied in life as she struggled with obesity. Her saviour was “anything western”: television shows, movies, horses, dude ranches and eventually cowboys. With many obstacles along the way, Linda blazed a trail from Vancouver’s big city to the dusty Cariboo to follow her dream of horses, ranches, and riding. Linda’s story is heartwarming and heart-wrenching, uncommonly adventurous and unusually comical. Anyone who has struggled with not fitting into what society thinks to be “normal” will find Linda’s experiences encouraging and relatable. Allow Linda to inspire and remind you that it is not about the happily ever after, it is the joy you create along the way when it seems the world is against you that matters.

Karen Harmon is the author of two previous award-winning books: Looking for Normal and Where is My Happy Ending? A Journey of No Regrets.

Karen’s collection will be available at The Beaumont on Febuary 18th, 2022.

She will also be appearing on The Midday Show with Tanya Cronin, that interview will be available here and LIVE in Kamloops.